Classically trained in art from a young age, nature has always been my source of inspiration. The natural environments of every place I have ever lived or visited are reflected in the organic forms that I sculpt. Using crystal, I cast natural objects that are universal in pure beauty and elegance.

Crystal is a material that reveals every detail of a form at once and draws the viewer in with color and light. My work explores the value of close attention to detail and the common thread of nature that connects us all. Magnified form and texture intensifies its visual and emotional impact.

Rose Sapphire Spiral

My crystal sculptures are created using a lost wax process similar to bronze casting. Each of my sculptures begins with a hand-built, positive wax model that is encased in special plasters to create a refractory mold. The wax form is melted out and the negative void is filled with crystal inside a hot kiln. When cool, the plaster mold is broken away and the crystal sculpture is revealed.

Short Documentary about Donna Rice.


For information about works in progress, special commissions or a studio visit, please email djrglass@gmail.com or call (407) 405-3210.