Casting Process of Crystal Balance Stones

Inspired by the hundreds of stone balance sculptures I saw last summer on the far north shore of Lake Superior, I returned to my studio to cast a unique set of my own. Lead crystal balance stones are similar in density to actual rocks and they are nearly as durable. Practicing balance with gorgeous, colored, translucent stones raises the art form to a whole new level with the added bonus of LIGHT! 


Utilizing real stones, I create silicone rubber molds that allow me to produce exact wax replicas. The wax stone models are then set into heat resistant plaster molds and filled with molten crystal in a 1500 degree kiln. Through the lost wax process, the wax models become cast crystal stones that bear every last detail of the stones from which they are modeled.


Once finished, a protective coating of beeswax is applied to the crystal stones, so they can be handled, enjoyed and stacked into exquisite balance sculptures.


Explore my Crystal Balance Stones Website.

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  • I cast some stones as well but used different color frit to try to duplicate the actual river pebble. This was done under the tutelage of Anna Boothe, a wonderful glass caster. I love the way yours turned out.

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