Finding Joy in the Process

On March 25th, 2017, I celebrated the close of my 2016 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant with an artist talk and exhibition at FOCI – MN Center for Glass Arts, Minneapolis.

My grant outcome includes an educational component – to share a crystal casting process I’ve been developing for more than thirty years, to increase awareness of this beautiful and versatile art form.
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Cast Glass: Art, Science and Mentors

Glass art is a science that requires a great deal of experimentation. I share my story to encourage artists who work alone to seek the advice of an experienced teacher. A great mentor helps elevate your work to the next level by challenging your limits with honest feedback. Find a trusted teacher and you will avoid costly mistakes in both time and materials. I assure you, the guidance of a professional is priceless.

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Introducing Lagoon

Lagoon began with the discovery of a palm tree frond that had fallen onto the pier of a marina I visited on one of my last days of living in Florida. From the moment I picked it up, I knew it would become a crystal sculpture, but I had no idea how difficult the form would be to cast, nor how obsessed I would become with the challenge!

Below is a walk through of the complicated casting process and the creation of its forged steel and copper base.

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